Fall Reading List

This is my first reading list post. The books mentioned in this post are not going to be Fall related or anything, I’m just going to be sharing what I am going to be reading. 

I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales From a Happy Life Without Kids by Jen Kirkman

I Know What I’m Doing and Other Lies I Tell Myself by Jen Kirkman (Both this book and the one above are signed by her as well. I got them at her show in Nashville and am super stoked about it.)

It’s a Wonderful Lie 26 Truths About Life in Your Twenties by Various Authors, Foreword by Alexandra Robbins and Edited by Emily Frankliln (This one I’m going to finish reading. I mentioned in another post how I was reading it but I’m not very far so I’m putting it on this list.)

Victim in the Vineyard by Gemma Halliday

What She Knew by Gilly Macmillan

The Watchmaker’s Daughter by C. J. Archer

The Third Girl: Molly Sutton Mystery 1 by Neil Goddin

White Girl Problems by Babe Walker

I know it’s not a ton of books but I’m hoping to get through all of them and write a review or share my opinion on them rather. I’m hoping I can maybe get through a couple more books because my to read list is really piling up.

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