Introduction Post

Hello everyone! This is my new lifestyle blog. I have another called Think With Your Heart: It was going to be a lifestyle blog as well but I changed my mind and am just making it a personal blog with stories from my life as well as my feelings on things whether it’s a rant, rave or just a thought. But enough about that one and let’s talk about this one.

This blog is going to be about lots of different things like cleaning and organizing hacks (I cleaned houses for quite a while before doing what I do now), recipes, what NOT to do when cooking (because I have quite a few stories about that), holiday things, entertaining things and just general “lifestyle” things. This blog will also include posts about some of my favorite things, also listed in my author bio, which include puppies (I mean all ages when I say puppies), Pilates, yoga, tequila, coffee, Friends (TV show), Marilyn Monroe, and my boyfriend (I promise to try and not be too mushy). There will be a lot of different topics covered in this blog and I hope at least one will catch your eye long enough to stay and check out some other posts. It’s really going to be a lot of whatever pops into my mind. It will mostly be entertaining but will include useful things as well. It will hold true to the title of this blog. I gladly welcome comments and suggestions, so if you like a post please let me know, if you have a question please ask and I will answer in a comment or a post if it warrants one, or a suggestion for a type of a post you’d like to see.

I’m writing this blog though because I have a lot of stuff to say and things to share and figured this would be the best way. I hope others can relate or possibly learn something new or just be entertained. Mostly though my passion is writing and this is one way to do that on a pretty regular basis. I’m also trying to write a book or two (we’ll see how that goes). So if you like what you read please like, comment, and/or follow. It would be greatly appreciated. Happy reading and thanks for stopping by!

Here is a photo of my puppies (part of my favorite things) to kick this whole thing off. Looking at me is 8 month old Berg, a German Shepherd/blue tick hound mix, and looking out the window and keeping an eye on the neighborhood is 5 year old, Gemma, a pit bull/black lab mix.

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