Recipe Review: Turkey Meatloaf Muffins

This is a recipe that I linked to in one of my Friday Favorites posts, I think the last one but I’m not sure. Anyway, I made these last night and wanted to review.

First of all, they were delicious. I highly recommend them. My boyfriend really enjoyed them too. I made them and I made a side of broccoli with them. I like to bake my broccoli on a cookie tray with olive oil drizzled over with some Montreal steak seasoning sprinkled over them as well.

They were not too hard to make. They were slightly time consuming prep wise because you have to chop the onion and the pickles and tear apart the bread and things like that but it wasn’t hard. It took a little bit to bake so if you want to make them just make sure you take time into consideration. It really wasn’t too long but it’s definitely not a thirty minute meal.

The recipe says that this will make 6 muffins. I have no idea what size muffins they are making because I used a regular sized muffin pan with twelve spaces in it and I had them way overfilled. I didn’t realize until after the fact I had another muffin pan that I could have put some in but I know for next time. So I just suggest that if you make them, if you want 12 or more follow the recipe but if you don’t want quite as many I suggest altering the recipe to the desired amount you want. I didn’t mind making more than what I thought because it was a nice lunch for both myself and my boyfriend the next day but just more than what the recipe said.

I think the recipe calls for half a cup of pickles or a medium sized pickle diced. Both my boyfriend and I really like pickles and he suggested that next time we make these that we should add more pickles and I agree. So, if you happen to like pickles a lot you may want to add some more but that’s all to taste.

Overall, I really liked the recipe and enjoyed that we got lunch out of it the next day. I highly recommend and hope if you try them you like it as much as we did.

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