Friday Favorites

Time for another Friday Favorites! I know I haven’t had a new post in a while, I’ve been sick and haven’t like doing anything but laying on the couch. But I’m feeling better and decided what a better way to jump back in then with a Friday Favorites post.

Breathing technique for relaxing/falling asleep. I’ve heard and read about this breathing technique before and have tried it. I personally didn’t find it to do much for me but I also think that I didn’t try it that long and I think I was focused more on the counting and keeping my tongue behind my teeth than I was letting myself actually give in to the breathing and let it help me. So I think I’m going to start giving it a try again when I find myself having trouble drifting off.

The key to better skin may perhaps be lymphatic drainage massages. I first heard about this on the podcast Ask Iliza Anything the other day and then found this article today. I am a fan of trying most anything to see if it will improve my skin because as I think I’ve mentioned before, I have problem skin. I can apply make up and kind of cover it up but it can get pretty bad sometimes and ideally the less make up I “have” to wear the better. I have not tried this yet but I think I am going to start doing it every night and see if there is any improvement.

Dog language “I love you’s”, the first part in this article makes me feel so vindicated. I am always talking to my pups. I thought I was crazy, and I mean I am a little, but I have full on conversations with them and would wonder how normal that actually was. Apparently it’s okay and they may actually like it. I’m so glad to hear I don’t have to change my ways. But in case you’re wondering if you’re sending your pup the right signals to say I love you here’s an article on 8 ways they pick up on. I do pretty much all of these things except the walking, because any place we have lived with them has had a decent sized yard that they like to just go out and run around in. I’m glad to know I’m sending them the right love signals.

Chicken, bacon, ranch casserole recipe. What more do you need to hear than those first three words? This recipe sounds amazing and I am definitely adding this into the dinner time mix.

Doritos Chicken recipe. Hmmm that just sounds delicious to me and I already have all the ingredients except Doritos, so guess who is getting a bag of Doritos in the near future to make this recipe? Correct answer is me. I am very excited to try this.

Happy Friday and if you try any of these or have already tried anything please let me know in the comments!

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