Piercing Experiences: Nose and Nipples

I wanted to write a post about my experiences with piercings. I do have my ears pierced as well but since I was so young when it happened, I don’t remember the experience so that is why I am not going to write about it.

First experience is going to be my nose. I got my nose pierced about three years ago I suppose. I had wanted it done for a while and I finally went and got it done. It hurt quite a bit more than I thought it would but only the actual act of it being pierced. It was quick but my eyes were tearing up when it happened. It wasn’t too bad afterwards though. It was a little sore and I had to get used to making sure I didn’t hit it when I was washing my face or get it caught on a towel or washcloth but after it healed and I got used to it, I barely even know its there.

Next experience is my nipples. I got them pierced yesterday. I had watched a couple of reaction videos on YouTube. It didn’t show them getting pierced but just showed their faces while it was getting done or it was them right after it was done. I had myself worked up. I was expecting it to hurt so bad and I thought I was going to cry. The lady was really nice that did them and didn’t do anything before telling me but the actual piercing part hurt less than my nose. After she did them and I sat up so she could tell me about the after care and all that, I got really light headed and had to lay back down. My boyfriend was with me so he fanned me and the lady laid cool paper towels on my forehead, wrists and behind my neck. After about five minutes probably I was okay and was bale to sit back up and listen to her. There was a dull throbbing pain for most of the evening. I got them done at 3:30 in the afternoon and I went to bed around 7. By the time I went to bed they weren’t throbbing anymore. I was aware of the slight pain and very, very careful of them but it was okay. This morning they were a little sore again but after a couple hours I mostly forgot about them. It will still be about a month or so until they are fully healed and of course I have to be careful not to get anything snagged on them or anything but besides getting light headed the actual piercing was not too bad. The afterwards was worse than my nose but not so much so that it was all I could think about. I had went home and made dinner and carried on my night pretty much like usual.

It’s a short post but I just wanted to share my experience in case anyone reading this has been thinking about it. Everyone is different of course but overall, I am very happy about all of my piercings; ears, nose and nipples. I do not regret any and most importantly I like them.

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