Friday Favorites

Instant Pot recipes. I know everyone seems to be talking about (and loving) their Instant Pots, so here’s some recipes. They sound delicious. I don’t have one yet but I believe I’ll be getting one from my momma soon and I will for sure be trying some of these recipes.

Organizers. I shared a list of organizers in last week’s Friday Favorites or maybe the one before, but these are all from Target, and who doesn’t love Target? Also, they are super cute and I definitely found multiple ones that I want to use.

Sleep. This is a super short article that lists three snacks that have melatonin, the sleep hormone. I have mentioned before my wanting to get my sleep back in order this year and I have used the over the counter melatonin pills before and they do work but like any type of “unnatural” thing, long term may not be the most ideal thing. Perhaps if you’re a melatonin taker or just want to try it out maybe these snacks will help you out.

Glazed cake donut recipe. While I am trying to eat better this year, we all have that weakness and craving that we need to give in to once in a while. I love donuts and I found this recipe for them. This is definitely going to be a weekend make for me very soon.

For the ladies experiencing periods and painful cramps, here is an article with ways to help ease the pain naturally if that’s what you’re after. I personally take Midol most of the time because I know it works and takes about 30 minutes to kick in but I have tried natural ways too and sometimes they work just as well and that’s what I feel like doing that day. To each their own but I figured I’d share this in case anyone is feeling like trying something different.

If you make any recipes or buy any of those organizers let me know how they work for you in the comments! Enjoy!

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