Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites on a Saturday! Whaaat?! Got a little sidetracked with things yesterday so posting a day later than usual. Hope you enjoy!

Organizing galore! This is an article featuring a bunch of organizers to try and stay on top of that New Year organizing resolution I know a bunch of people have made. Maybe if you haven’t started yet or aren’t even sure where to start, this list of organizers will help kickstart you. I know there are definitely a few that I wouldn’t mind getting.

Decluttering? Here are some room by room steps/tips to decluttering. Let’s face it, I think most of could use all the help we can get. It can get quite overwhelming.

Money saving. This was a resolution of mine. I definitely would like to save more money. Even if it wasn’t a resolution of yours, I think we probably would all like to save a little bit more money. I thought this idea was pretty genius and seems pretty doable especially since you can customize it to your specific budget.

Healthier options. One of resolutions was to eat better. I can do pretty good but I like snacks and chips are my downfall. Who doesn’t love the salty crunch. This article offers some alternatives that are supposed to give you that salty crunch you crave. However, the first one, which is the seaweed things, I have tried and I do not like those so I will be skipping to the other ones.

Since no one’s perfect at eating better all the time and everyone loves breakfast here are some French Toast recipes that sound super delicious.

Last one on my list is a recipe for brussel sprouts that I’d actually eat.

Hope you all enjoyed this Friday Favorites. If you try anything on this list please let me know in the comments!

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