Morning Person vs Night Owl

I used to be a night owl. Growing up when I was in school, my bedtime was 9 pm and I had to get up at 6 am. That left me about 9 hours of sleep. My dad was very smart to do that because I am a monster without enough sleep. I don’t even want to be around myself when that happens. When I was old enough and I didn’t have a bedtime anymore I quickly learned that I still needed to go to bed at a decent time so the latest I would stay up would be 9:30. I know, a real rebel right here. But it was for the best, it’s like parents know what’s best for us sometimes. But on the weekends, I would stay up until 2 or 2:30 am and wake up at 10 the next morning. People would always be like “you’re wasting the day away” and things like that, but they didn’t understand how much more productive I was at night.

I have always loved to write and before I started this blog, I used to write a lot of songs and poems. This was especially true as a teenager full of emotions. Now I’m just an adult full of emotions (not much has really changed in that regard). But I would stay up when everyone else was asleep, sit on my bed with the lights off and just look out my windows at all the stars and the moon. I lived in the middle of nowhere so there was no city light obstructing my view of the beautiful night sky. I had a little book light that I attached to my notebooks that I wrote in so I could enjoy the night and just write until I felt I could no longer keep my eyes open. Those were some of my favorite times, being “alone” just reveling in my emotions and really feeling everything.

I still really enjoy the night and the night sky is probably one of my favorite things but I have to say I am now a morning person. This is completely because of my boyfriend. He works construction and his job starts at 6 so with driving time and all that we wake up at about 4:30 every morning. I make his lunch, take care of the pups, make my coffee and then I drop my boyfriend off at work and then I come home and begin my day. My days involve cleaning, working on this blog and job searching. But I do take a little time in the morning for myself and do yoga and Pilates and before that I usually sit with my coffee and breakfast, which is usually English muffins with butter and peanut butter, and watch The Today Show.

I really enjoy all of my day but that little bit of time in the morning with my coffee and breakfast is really enjoyable. I sit and think about my day and enjoy the darkness of the world since it’s normally still dark, at least this time of the year, and it brings me back to those late nights I used to have. So it’s pretty similar just the times have changed.

Although lately, as I’ve mentioned in another post, I don’t always get the best sleep and while I’m still getting up at 4:30 every morning I’m not usually falling asleep until about 10 or 11, even though I’m in bed by about 7 or 7:30 every night. So maybe, I’m both at the same time now and I’m trying to get back to being an early bird.

I found two articles listing some typical characteristics of each type and figured I’d share them to see if any resonate with you in case you’re interested in knowing what type of person you are if you don’t already know. Article 1 and Article 2.

Personally, I have characteristics of each type and I suppose that makes sense seeming how I was very much a night owl and am now more of a morning person since I wanted to have the same schedule as my boyfriend. However, regardless of what I am I seem to find that I am most productive at my blog or creative type things in the evening and things like cleaning I am more productive with during the day. I suppose though that’s because I feel like there is less time to do those things as there is my blog. When I’m in bed at night for instance, I can work on the blog, I cannot be cleaning from bed even though I would love for something to do that for me.

What are you? Do you identify with either more strongly than the other? Do you have a time you are most productive or creative? Feel free to share with me in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Morning Person vs Night Owl

  1. Kimberlie

    In this moment a I’m a night owl. It’s when I’m able to work because my son is asleep, so I’ve had to adjust. I don’t love it. Like you, I used to be in bed by 9 or 10 and now I’m not I’m bed until the next day has started.

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  2. I’m definitely a morning person. I rarely stay up past 10:00. I am usually up by 6:00. The early morning is a quite time for me. I love that! My Dad was an early riser, he grew up on a farm and had to milk the cows early.

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  3. laurabooksandblogs

    I’m definitely a night owl but I do like to get things done. So I choose to start work at 7 am despite the struggle it is for me to go to bed early and get to my job on time. The worst is when you’re a teenager who loves to stay up all night and have to catch the bus before the sun rises each morning when you really just want to sleep till noon.

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    1. Yeah I used to go to bed early when I was a teenager so I could get up for school but I didn’t like it, I just knew I needed sleep. However, since I’ve changed my sleep schedule to be a morning person with my boyfriend I’ve found it actually quite enjoyable. I understand your struggle though. It used to be really rough for me.


  4. The article 1 you linked is very interesting. I heard a little bit about this study on a podcast. I’m a night ow and it made me feel less guilty about it. I get my best work done at night and my energy really kicks into high gear around mid-morning.

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    1. I’m glad you liked it. I agree. I used to be a night owl and I would feel guilty about it too because everyone always made it seem like it wasn’t as healthy and that I couldn’t be productive. This article definitely made me rethink that and know it’s okay. Everyone’s different. I do the whole morning thing now but that works for me these days but it’s all about what works for you at the moment.


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