My Love of Winter

Happy First Day of Winter!!

It has always been a toss up for me between winter and summer being my favorite season. I love summer because I get to be barefoot/wear flip-flops and my back up career plan if all else fails is to be a foot model. I have also always loved winter though because I enjoy the colder temperatures and when I was living in New York I LOVED the snow.

While everyone else was complaining about digging their cars out and shoveling steps and sidewalks, I would gladly to do those things with a smile on my face. There is something about the snow that is just magical to me. I feel safer and content in that weather. While there is the hustle and bustle of the Christmas time rush, for the most part the world or at least my little part of it, just seemed quieter, like the whole place was taking a rest. Gone were the crazy rushing through days like all the other seasons offered, it was now peaceful and a time of restoration and cozying up while the rest of the world did the same.

Some of my favorite winter days were spent on my couch or in my bed cozied up under heaps of blankets and hot cocoa, while either reading or watching movies. That was on a weekend or on a snow day of course. The snow days were pretty rare though as living in central New York it took A LOT to shut things down. I also have a lot of fond memories of skiing/snowboarding. The latter I was not nearly as good at though. I ended up off the path far more often than I did on. Snowmobiling, sledding and tubing as well as building snowmen, snow-forts and having snowball fights were a lot of my winter days as well.

However, I now live in Tennessee as I have mentioned before and this will be my second winter here. While I still love winter, they are definitely not the winters I am used to. While there is sometimes a little bit of snow, it only lasts for a day if that and everything shuts down. I relish in every second that it is here for when we get it though. My pups also enjoy it as evidenced in the video below.

Gemma and Berg playing in the snow. This was Berg’s first experience ever with snow!

I do enjoy though that it gets colder. While as I said I enjoy being barefoot, I am also quite cranky in the heat, so the cooler temperatures are lovely not only for me but the people around me as well. (I’m sure my boyfriend would agree).

So, while these winters are different and I really do miss the snow, I still very much love winter. My boyfriend and I often try to take a trip to New York to visit my family in the winter so that I can get some snow time and family time. Last year, we went to visit at Christmas as a surprise to my dad. It was really nice but this year we plan on doing a week in January or February when it will be a little less hectic.

**This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I was a little late. Yesterday was the first day of winter, not today.

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