Friday Favorites- Christmas Edition

I thought I was just going to do this post one Friday a month but I think I am going to try and make this a weekly Friday post. So if you enjoy these posts please let me know and I will continue doing them.

This Friday Favorites is going to be Holiday themed or mostly holiday themed. *I am not affiliated with anything in this post.

Eco Friendly Holidy Gift Wrap I’ll admit that I could be better at doing things to help the environment and I happened to stumble upon this post today. While I already have all of my gifts wrapped this year, I think I might try to do this next year with my gifts. Or perhaps for birthdays throughout next year. Either way, I thought this was a really cool idea because it’s kind of like bonus gifts.

Holiday Lights and Decorations I LOVE Christmas and have always been happy and cheerful during Christmas. I am in general a pretty happy person to begin with but it definitely amps up a little during Christmas. I found this article earlier describing the science behind why the lights and decorations this time of year can often lead people to feel a little happier and cheerier. I thought it was an interesting read.

Real or Fake Tree I am a huge fan of real trees and always have been. That is my personal preference and has to do with the tradition I had growing up where around the second weekend of December I suppose, as long as there was snow on the ground, my dad and I would go to pick out trees. Now as I live in Tennessee the snow part is not a part of the tradition nor is going with my dad since he does not live here but I do go with my boyfriend and I love it. This article explains whether a real tree or artificial one is better for the environment. I don’t really care one way or another since as the post says in the end, travel and consumerism is going to do way more damage than a tree but I just thought it was interesting, the arguments on both sides. Regardless of the result, I am and will forever be Team Real Tree.

Sleep Tips. This isn’t specifically Christmas related but I’m sure that it is a little more prominent this time of year with lots of festivities and last minute running to get things here and there. I have been having a lot of sleep issues lately and this article had a few tips that I didn’t know about so maybe if insomnia is plaguing you, these will help.

Blogilates- All I Want for Christmas Workout My last thing for this Friday Favorites post is a workout (mainly focused on thighs and glutes) from Cassey Ho. I have done this workout and it was super fun but my thighs were for sure feeling it. It’s also a pretty nice Christmas spirit workout.

Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites- Christmas Edition

  1. Kimberlie

    I’ve never had a real tree and really want to try, but I’m afraid of the work involved to clean up a real tree and take care of a real tree. How bad is it keeping up with a real tree?


    1. I actually don’t find it too bad. You have remember to check the water to make sure the tree doesn’t dry out, otherwise besides the tree dying, the needles will fall off a lot faster. But if you have a tree skirt any needles that do fall off tend to just get on that and that will be easy clean up because you can just pick it up and shake it off outside when you’re ready to get rid of the tree. I also just do a little daily clean up around the tree. I normally take a minute every morning or night and just vacuum or sweep around the tree to get any stray needles that didn’t fall on the tree skirt. I honestly think the worst part is bringing it in/taking out since that is when the majority of needles fall off and can leave a little trail. Once it’s up though, it’s pretty smooth sailing in my opinion. I hope that helps!


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