TGIF Cocktail Recipe

I’m going to try and make this a recurring monthly post where I share a drink recipe that I have tried. I found this recipe on This drink is called “White Christmas Margarita”. I was very excited to try it because I LOVE margaritas. I am all about tequila.

I made the drink following the recipe exactly. I don’t recommend that for two reasons. 1) If you are using a standard house blender you will not have enough room for everything. All the liquid will fit but not with the ice. 2) I don’t think the recipe had the proper proportions of ingredients.

My boyfriend and I both tried the drink and agreed that it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t exactly good either. So I have a couple suggestions. It calls for unsweetened coconut milk. I would maybe try cream of coconut instead. Another suggestion could be to add simple syrup. Or another suggestion (the one that I used) is to add a little more lime juice. I got Rose’s sweetened lime juice and after pouring my drink and trying it I decided it needed a little bit of sweetness to make it better so I added more lime juice and that worked.

After that, I very much enjoyed the drink. If you want to try making this drink, I suggest maybe making half a batch at first and then experimenting with it if you find it to be a little lacking as I did. It’s also a frozen drink and so I think that may sometimes play a part in getting the consistency and taste just right because it can separate.

If you try this drink and had a good experience the first time around or if you try one of the suggestions, let me know how it turned out!

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